Welcome to the portal of Explore Indonesia.

This portal is developed by Gunadarma University in an effort to support the development of the international program. The attraction of this international program lays on the non degree education program which is carried out by expanding the field of science that is packed with materials that contains of Indonesian highlight.

Indonesia is an archipelagic country composed of large and small islands scattered around the equator. In addition, Indonesia is also a meeting place for a series of volcanoes, therefore, many active mountains found in both located on the Indonesia’s regions and in the seabed. The diversity of natural conditions beautifies the landscapes of Indonesia and to make Indonesia as a country that has tourism potency.

Besides of having the natural beauty, Indonesia is a nation which is composed of the various ethnic groups in which each of the tribe has its own customs and culture respectively. The Customs and cultures have been alive and thriving since long time ago up to this present. The customs and cultural diversities make Indonesia has its own characteristics.

By recalling of this motivation hence Gunadarma University as an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) college-based feels to be invited in utilizing the computer technology and multimedia Internet-based as a means to disseminate the information on the potentiality of the tourism and cultural arts. The information in this portal is the result of a research, which is a compilation of the work of faculties, students, personal experiences, or the quotes from various sources which are then translated into English.

The presence of this portal is expected to be able to support the promotion of the potential excellences on both of national and regional levels so it will enhance the national competitiveness. In particular, with this portal it is expected to increase the development of promotion media and the publication of the region’s excellences which are suitable to the needs through the Internet technology as well as to increase Gunadarma University’s contribution in the preservation and promotion of the regional potencies, particularly in the fields of tourism and culture.