Leang Leang Cave

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Leang Leang Cave is a historic archaeological cave in the Leang Leang, District Bantimurung, Maros, South Sulawesi Province. Gua Leang Leang has a quite beautiful scenery, dotted with steep cliffs towering around the park, plantations are planted across the bridge according to the seasons and shade trees. The cave describes the past of human life, a row of caves in the mountainous stretch of the stone was very interesting especially for the scientists.

In the area of ​​Leang Leang Cave, found two caves, they are Pettae cave and Petta Kere cave. There are five pictures of palm of the hand in the Pettae cave, but only three which are intact. In addition to the palm of the hand, there are also pig and spear eye which are all red. Petta Kere Cave has more images. There are about 27 pictures of your hand, but only about 17 pictures which looked intact, and a picture of fat lying pig with a spear wielding to the heart.

Location of Leang Leang Cave

Location of Leang Leang Cave

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