Equator Monument

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Pontianak is one of the cities that are passed through by the equator line. To mark of this, hence in 1928 had begun the construction of the equatorial monument located on the Equator Road, North of Pontianak, in the West Kalimantan Province. This monument is located about 3 km from Pontianak city center, towards the town of Mempawah. The monument building consists of four pillars or stakes made of ironwood or belianwood (typical wood of Borneo). On top of the stake, there is a circle that reads Euener and the directional arrows that read as 109 degrees 20’0 “OlvG” which shows the location of the monument that stands on the eastern longitude.

In 1990 a dome was built to protect the original monument and the making of copies of the monument with the size of five times of the original monument’s size. The history of the development of this monument can be read in the building.
The attraction of this monument is a natural phenomenon where the sun was right on the equator or called as the culmination. At that time, the shadow of monuments and objects around it disappears a few seconds even if it is exposed to the sunlight. This event occurs at every 21st -23rd in March and September at the midday.

Equator Monumen

Equator Monumen

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