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The tradition of circumcision or in Indonesia is known as “sunat” or “khitan” is considered as a sign or step towards maturity in men and also an obligation for Muslim men. Circumcision is not done as a baby but in adolescence that marks a transition from childhood to adulthood.

Circumcision is the act of cutting or removing some or all of the front cover skin of the penis. Inside the foreskin there is a mucous membrane such as on the inside of the eyelids or inside of the mouth. It is a humid part where it is responsible for many sexually transmitted infections. In addition, the foreskin also contains a number of langerhans cells that is a kind of immune cells that are usually attacked by HIV infection.

In many parts of Indonesia, before the day of circumcision, usually the child dressed in the lavish garb and treated as a groom (pengantin sunat). Early in the morning the child begins to be paraded around the village. The goal is to entertain and encourage the child that tomorrow he will have a new experience, the experience of circumcision and enters adulthood.


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