Mie Titi

Categories: South Sulawesi, Sulawesi/Celebes Cuisine, Traditional Cuisine


A kind noodle dish using dry noodles (deep fried) with thick sauce and also sliced chicken, mushrooms, shrimp, squid, and liver. The dish is  similar to i fu mie only the noodles are thinner and broken into individual layers instead of fused into a circle like in I fu mie.

Initially the name of food is not titi noodle. The name comes from the nickname of the owner of dry noodle shop in Makassar which is popular in the 70s. It started from a Chinese descendant named Ang Kho Tjao who then pass down the recipe of cooking dry noodles to his three children namely Hengky, Awa, and Titi. After Ang Kho Tjao’s death, the business of dry noodle shop then continued with three children who each opened their own shop and Titi’s shop is the most popular in Makassar thus the name Mie Titi or Titi’s noodles.

image source: spesialresepmasakan.blogspot.com

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