Lumpia basah

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Lumpia basah (wet spring roles) is delicious street food contains bean sprouts, bamboo shoots or bengkoang, eggs, diluted brown sugar, chicken or beef and mushrooms. It will be stir fried with sauted seasoning which is garlic and chilli that has been blended smoothly. There are two kinds of spring rolls, fried and wet. Wet spring rolls are white but ready to eat though without frying, while fried spring rolls are fried wet spring rolls. Wet spring rolls can be served open while the skin is used as plate.

It is originally named Loenpia, but gradually people call it Lumpia. Although it is unclear whether this dish came from Semarang or Bandung, some source states that this one culinary went on sale around the 1970s in the Chinatown area of ​​Semarang. One of the pioneers is the grandmother of Ernes, a Lumpia Bogor merchant who already in their third generation since it started on 1972. According to him, Lumpia Bogor although slightly differ from Semarang, it is equally influenced by the existence of Chinese in the area.

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