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As written in the book of Nawa Ruci, wajik is one of the snacks of Majapahit kingdom era (1293-1500). Wajik is a traditional snack made from sticky rice which is then cooked with brown sugar until thickened and colored kecoklatan. The name wajik which means diamond (such as how it is called in a card game) is more famous in the area of Central Java. While in other islands it is often called by different names such as in Sumatra where it is called sweet pulp (pulut manis).

In addition to having different titles, Indonesia also has a variety of wajik types like wajik kletik and wajik bandung. Although the cake is widely known in Indonesia, this cake is also famous in neighboring countries. Therefore the cake is sometimes also recognized as a typical cake of Indonesia’s neighboring countries.

image source: http://nenekmummykeuken.blogspot.co.id

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