Bedouin settlement

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Kampung Baduy

Kampung Badui is a settlement of the Baduy tribe of Banten where the houses in the village are still made of bamboo and all are facing the same direction. This tribe lives isolated from the outside world, living simply and integrates with nature. This village is located in the village of Cibeo Lebak district. About 40 Km from Rangkasbitung.

There are 2 kinds of Baduy tribes. Namely the outside Baduy tribe and the inner Baduy tribe. In appearance, the inner Baduy tribe wearing an all white shirt and headband. While the outside Baduy tribe wear black clothes and a blue headband. Culturally, the inner Baduy tribe is more firmly holds their tribal customs, while the outer Baduy has already begun to be influenced by the culture from the outside. However, they are both do not use footwear, modern technology and modern transportation.

Visitors are highly recommended to use the services of a tour guide since there are customs and taboos that must be obeyed by all who are in it including visitors. Here you are not allowed to use modern technology nor should you use chemicals to cleanse yourself.

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