Coto Makassar

Categories: South Sulawesi, Sulawesi/Celebes Cuisine, Traditional Cuisine

Soto Makassar is a traditional food of Makassar. Makassar people often call it with Coto Makassar or Coto Mangkasara. This food is made from innards cows that are boiled in a long time. Stew of beef mixed with beef is then sliced ​​and then seasoned with specially formulated spices. Coto served in a bowl and eaten with ketupat and “burasa”. Currently Coto Mangkasara has spread to various regions in Indonesia, ranging from roadside stalls to restaurants. And planned to start in November 2008 Coto Makassar will be one of the menus on Garuda Indonesia’s domestic flights to and from Makassar.

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