Kota Tua Jakarta

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Kota Tua / the Old City of Jakarta is located in the Pinangsia Sub District West Jakarta Municipality. Today, the Old City area is in two municipalities, namely North Jakarta and West Jakarta. Old City as a forerunner to Jakarta, would save a lot of stories behind the magnificent buildings (old) cultural heritage relics of the past from the Dutch colonial era. Jakarta Old City, the area is bordered north by the Fish Market, in Sunda Kalapa and the Java Sea, the south is bordered by roads and road Asemka Stone Bridge, in the west Krukut and east of the Ciliwung River. Old City area has a heritage of old buildings in the Dutch colonial period so that the Dutch architectural style is very apparent in this region. Jakarta City Government maintains the condition of the building as the original and performs various repairs on all sides by maintaining its original form. In the Old City area, there are 5 museums, the Museum Bank Mandiri, Bank Indonesia Museum, Museum Fatahillah, Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics Indonesia and Puppet Museum is located in the area along with some of the old building others, such as building Pos Indonesia, Building Kerta Niaga, and Cafe Batavia. In the middle of this area, there is an open area on the weekend be a place of arts and cultural activities in Indonesia. In this area, visitors can buy goods sold hawkers or get around by renting a bicycle.

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