Pecinan-Teluk Naga – Tangerang

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Chinese Fortress is referred to the descendants of ethnic Chinese who live in Tangerang, Banten. The name “Chinese Fortress” (formerly called Cina Benteng) is derived from the word “Castle”, the old name of the city of Tangerang. At that time there was a Dutch fortress city of Tangerang, precisely on the riverbank Cisadane, which functioned as security posts to prevent attacks from the Sultanate of Banten. This castle is the forefront of the defense of the Dutch colonial government in the island of Java at the time. Chinese people fort has lasted several generations, who originally lived in Tangerang has now spread to many other cities in Indonesia. Chinese Fortress is a term for ethnic Chinese residing in Tangerang. Chinese names obtained from the fortress’s history of ethnic settled in Tangerang. However, other sources say that the title is derived from the Chinese Fortress Fortress which is a long term for the city of Tangerang. Since the 17th century the Chinese people came to the area of Tangerang to trade, mostly settled in the vicinity of the Dutch fort. The area became the first place where ethnic Chinese settled, now the Chinatown area of Tangerang. It was located along the Cisadane river, the Old Market area, Vihara Boen Tek Bio, and the Museum Benteng Heritage. One culture that is still held Chinese community in this area every year is Bakcang and the Dragon Boat Festival, which this year will fall on June 9, the first landing of the Chinese 2016.Warga leg in Teluk Naga (Tangerang) is Lung Chen Ci in 1407. He was the one who became the ancestors of the descendants of ‘Chinese Fortress’ in Tangerang. When seen, the ethnic Chinese descent Fortress average have darker skin than the Chinese ethnic in general. Chinese Fortress is the only group Tiong Hoa in Indonesia which is hybrid and has a blood descendant of the Manchu (Qing Dynasty). Ketchup Fort SH or Hian Siang, first created and popularized by the Chinese community in Tangerang Fortress by Lo Tjit Siong in 1920.

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