Kota Lama Depok

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Depok Lama is located in the district of Pancoran Mas,  to reach the area of Depok lama is easy enough. From the Jakarta, we can spend up to meet Margonda Highway intersection. Just down the road that we have entered into the city’s historic district, Depok. Depok city history search can be started by taking the road turn left, go to Jalan Siliwangi. Not far away there is an ancient cemetery for all the descendants of the founders of the old Depok. (It was about 100 meters behind Hermina Hospital / Roads Cambodia). In the cemetery grounds of approximately 8,800 square meters, we can find many tombstones of people who died bearing the 19th century, among the headstones belonging to Adolf van der Capellen, written born on January 15, 1825, and died on 6 April 1888. because it was two centuries, cemetery grounds that have been filled including historic and could be one Depok evidence of how civilization has been around a long time. One of the old building still looks good condition is Harapan Hospital Depok. This place used to be the residence of Chastelein. Because cared for by the Foundation Cornelies Chastelein (YLCC), the architecture of the oldest hospital buildings in Depok is maintained. When entered into this building, the impression of the ancient buildings are still well preserved, can be seen on walls, poles, and the roof is still strong. In front of Harapan Hospital Depok, remains of the old houses in terawatt conditions. What is striking, of course, a different architecture with a row of houses next to him because accentuate the impression of European style.

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