Kain Tenun West Kalimantan

Categories: Art and Culture

Kain Tenun  is one of the cultural heritage that almost in all regions of the Republic of Indonesia to become a national pride. In general, the woven fabric produced by special equipment with weaving techniques that are traditional to produce a beautiful piece of cloth and containing high artistic value. Iban Dayak tribe in Kalimantan Barat using this woven fabric as a kind of luxury clothing that is often used in ceremonies – ceremonies local village. One of the most popular is a Kebat cloth. The Cloth of Kebat Ibad made by the weavers of the Dayak Iban indigenous where they prefer to use motifs – nature motifs, such as flowers, beautiful leafy plants and animals – endangered animals unique stature. Ibad fabric market is now starting to become the fabric favored by many people, especially foreign tourists. Price Kebat cloth ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. The quality of the fabric and the beauty is  the complexity of motives so until it is determined the price of  Kebat of cloth. His usual traditional collectors will pay a high price on parameters of high complexity.

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