Harvest celebration (Perayaan Gawai Dayak)

Categories: Tourism, West Kalimantan

Harvest celebration was held in West Kalimantan and Sarawak by indigenous West Kalimantan and Sarawak, especially the Iban and Dayak Army. Implemented on a large scale since 25 September 1964 Gawai Dayak has several ceremonies that run in the city and lamin (longhouse). Various food and beverage offerings to the gods of traditional rice for good results. The poet will read a spell that is specific to this ceremony and blood ceil rooster on the material offerings.
The ceremony began with the lighting of a bar of principal known as ‘ranyai’ which was founded in the middle of the room and decorated with food and drinks. They also will visit family and friends called ‘Ngabang’. Traditional clothing to wear, and the pit of beaded jewelry will be issued for use on the day. Iban virgin will also wear the traditional silver jewelry. Pesta Gawai Dayak closed and ended with a decrease in the Ranyai principal.



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