Philosophy Traditional House West Kalimantan

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In accordance with the form and allocation, traditional house of West Kalimantan described the nature of togetherness and tolerance among each family member. Images of West Kalimantan traditional house house upstream must line up with the sunrise, while the downstream part of the house should be the direction of the sunset. It symbolizes the hard work in real life, from sunrise to sunset. Also Read: Clothing Indigenous East Kalimantan The front of the house often encountered sculpture that resembles a human. This statue is made of wood Ulin used in ritual drove ancestors to heaven. This statue is believed to repel evil spirits that will go into the house. Long custom homes inhabited by many families show that the Dayak have a sense of togetherness and a high tolerance in society. This is in stark contrast to public opinion beyond stating that the Dayak tribe is hard and rough. Traditional House as discussed above West Kalimantan is expected to show another side of life that emphasizes harmony Dayak community relations.

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