Lontar Pengayam-ayaman

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In many regions of Indonesia, cockfights are still very popular despite the law stating that it is illegal to do gambling. Some reasons that it can be permissible if the cockfights are for religious purposes and not for gambling. In Bali, on a cockfight, there is a “manual book” called Lontar Pengayam-ayaman. People believe the book will bring victory when skillfully applied. The book contains various ways to achieve victory such as how to know the best date to fight, which is when the combination of cock feather color is best against other types and even more complicated things such as the shape of the cockscomb etc. Some cock owners claim that it is a very accurate method, while some said that it is less useful nowadays since there are more varieties of cock available.

image source: http://balikinijani.blogspot.com

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