Dutch Tunnel “Gua Belanda”

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If you are trying to be “ghost busters” while traveling, this is one of the place you might want to check out. It could also be a spot for history lessons if you like learning the history of the places you visit.

The Duch Tunnel is locally called “Gua Belanda” or “Dutch Cave”. It was built in Dago, North Bandung during the Dutch colonial period. Initially this tunnel serves as the control center of power plants, but in the 1940s the Netherlands army started making it as the headquarters of military communications. In wartime, the Indonesian army made the tunnel which spans 548 meters as warehouse for gunpowder and weapons. It is said that the tunnel was built by the people who were forced into labor and there are wartime stories of prisoners tortures. These stories are always popular since the faint sound of moans and screams can always be heard when someone enter the area.

So, dare to find out?

image source: hayyuretno.wordpress.com

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