Saiyyang Pattu’duq

Categories: Art and Culture, Sulawesi/Celebes Island, Tourism, West Celebes

Saiyyang Pattu’duq is a ritual tradition of parade using horses . Saiyyang Pattuqduq ( In Mandar language, saiyyang means horse, pattuqduq means dancer); saiyyang pattuqduq means a horse that good at dancing, clever playing head movement and footwork. Saiyyang pattuqduq is done by mounting a child who has completed reading the Qur’an and then paraded around the village, generally held on the mauled anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad. The other occasions are for a  guest of honor, due to nadzar (a fulfillment of a religious oath), and for an entertainment or show.

Saiyyang Pattu'duq for entertainment

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