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Traditiona Poetry of Dayak Ngaju tribe. Karungut is derived from the word karunya taken of language Sangiang and language Sangen / Ancient Ngaju. ‘Karunya‘ means music. Traditional poetry or folk poetry known in Central Kalimantan is inherited by their ancestors in the form of songs and poems composed by the author himself, as long as it did not deviate from the rules that have been considered the standard. In early development, the language used is the language in karungut Sangen (Ancient Ngaju), but nowadays it is very rarely used.  Karungut was formerly function as a medium of learning. As a shaman (healer or teacher) delivering lessons to pupils with mengarungut (singing). The pupils will then answer or carry out his orders with mengarungut too.


image source: http://kebudayaan.kemdikbud.go.id

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