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Tiwah or Tiwah Lale or Magah Salumpuk Liau Uluh Matei is the biggest sacred ceremony for Dayak Ngaju in Central Kalimantan to deliver the soul or the spirit of the death to the destination place namely Lewu Tatau Dia Rumpang Tulang, Rundung Raja Dia Kamalesu Uhate, Lewu Tatau Habaras Bulau, Habusung Hintan, Hakarangan Lamiang or Lewu Liau which is located in the seventh paradise. The ritual is done by consecrating and moving the death body from the grave to a place named sandung.

Source of pic: https://way4x.wordpress.com/cerita-tanah-leluhur/sejarah-suku-dayak/ritual-tiwah/

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