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In general, kujang had understanding as heirlooms that have a certain strength that comes from the gods (Hyang). As a weapon, kujang occupies a very special position in the community of West Java (Sunda) since its birth until now. In the past kujang can not be separated from the life of the Sundanese people because of its function as agricultural equipment. This statement is contained in ancient texts Sanghyang Siksa Kanda Karesian Ng (1518 BC) and the oral tradition that developed in several areas including in the area of scaffolding, Ciamis. Evidence which substantiates the claim that kujang as farming equipment can still be seen to this day on the Bedouins, Banten and Pancer Pangawinan in Sukabumi.

source : http://kebudayaan.kemdikbud.go.id/

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