Ogoh-ogoh Bali

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The most religion in Bali is Hinduism which the society still diligently perform all forms of worship of the religion. Every year, to celebrate Nyepi, a religious  day of Hinduism much of the ceremony performed. On the occasion, it performs the procession of carrying a statue resembling a scary  giant called Butha Kala. The statue is made from Styrofoam so it will be light when lifted. Up to now, the Balinese call it as “Ogoh-ogoh”. The name is derived from the word “Ogah” which means “sway” because the statue sways when paraded. Ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of evil which is neutralized when paraded so it is expected all bad luck will be inevitable  until next Nyepi.

Source: http://www.kutaselatan.badungkab.go.id/index.php/lihat-foto/32/Ogohminogoh-Nyepi-Caka-1937

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