Benteng Vrederburg Museum

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The museum which was the Dutch defense headquarters is built in 1760 by Sri Sultan Hamenku Buwono I  at the request of the Dutch. The building which is located in Ahmad Yani street no 6, Yogyakarta was officially became a museum in 1992 with the name of “Benteng Yogyakarta Museum”. 

This fort is surrounded by many other Dutch styled buildings that was build in its colonialism. The historical background of Yogyakarta city as the Sultanate of Yogyakarta or -at the time- the capital of the Republic of Indonesia cannot be separated with the history of Vredeburg. Here, information related with the historical, cultural and noble values and past struggle of Indonesia are conveyed to the younger generation in an entertaining way. Nowdays it is also a great spot for tourist as a recreation and a place of education


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