Old City of Jakarta

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Old City of Jakarta


To establish a historical area in Jakarta which promotes  the preservation values and has an economic benefits


1.       Conservation and  Revitalization

2.       Rekindling art and culture activities

3.       Social and Society

4.       Developing on Business and Economy

5.       Improving of the Infrastructure

6.       Regulating the City Management and Law

7.       Living in the city

SK Governor of  DKI Jakarta Province No. 34/2006

About the planning authorization in structuring a landmass of 846 ha of located in North Jakarta and West Jakarta district

The are covers:

Sunda Kelapa Harbour in the North-side Paling. Jalan Gajahmada (centering in Candranaya building) in the South-side. The Great-River in the West and East-side.

The History of Old City :

After Sunda Kelapa  Harbour had been attacked by the Demak army in 1526, led by Fatahillah, and after successfully seized, then the name changed to Jayakarta on June 22, 1527. That city itself was widely not more than 15 ha with the pattern of traditional town planning in Indonesia. Afterwards, Jayakarta  was destroyed under assault from the Dutch VOC in 1619, led by Jan Pieterzoon Coen.

In 1620 , above the debris of Jayakarta, the Dutch built a new city called Batavia as a tribute over the Batavieren European tribes who became ancestors of the Dutch people, Ciliwung River on the east side of the city’s core is still visible around the Taman Fatahillah these days.

The Batavian indigenous people were later dubbed Batavianen (Batavian people) known as the Betawi. Betawi nese people actually are the descendants of mixed blood from all  people of different tribes and nations.

In 1635 , Batavia had been expanded to the west of Ciliwung River above the destroyed Jayakarta’s debris. This  city was completely designed with its defense system namely walls and trenches around the city. The structere of the city administration was divided into blocks which are separated by a canal. The development  of Batavia was completed in 1650. After the Japanese occupation in 1942, Batavia was renamed  into “Jakarta”

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