Malborough Fort

Categories: Bengkulu, Sumatra Island, Tourism

Objects Fort Marlborough is located in the Cultural Arts Center Bengkulu City, can be reached by various types of vehicles. The British forts established by the East Indian Company in the year under the leadership of Governor Joseph Callet in 713-1719 during power in Bengkulu. This fort was the strongest fortress in those days, after the fort George in Madras India. The fort is 275 years old. This tourist attraction is easily reached, as it is located in the heart of the city, close to New Market Koto I and coexists with Tread Padri. The fort was visited by many domestic and foreign travelers. Inside the fort we can see space and rooms. The rooms where prisoners, weapons storage areas, rooms where protection from enemy attack at that time. In the colonial era, Soekarno was detained at the fort.

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