Salt in Jeneponto

Categories: Art and Culture, South Celebes, Sulawesi/Celebes Island, Tourism

Jeneponto is one of the regions in South Sulawesi province. Roads along the east coast bordering the Gulf of Bone dominated by roads to Jeneponto. Besides the dry hills with the horses, the eyes were attracted by a small mound of white and sacks placed on the roadside, which are salt sacks. Salt fields also lie along the left side trips. Bone Sea was visible, alternating with small hills bordering the sea salt fields. Small windmills were seen at the edge of small trenches. Small trench drain sea water into salt fields. Windmill that is raising the sea water to the fields.

Quality of traditionally managed salt can be found in Jeneponto. Traditional processing of salt to make here is taken into account by businesses from outside the South. In general, salt here reprocessed to be salt consumption or for industrial salt, but use materials do not contain any harmful chemicals. Salt-making land here is checkered in stages.

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