Replica of Aircraft Seulawah RI 1 at Blang Padang

Categories: Aceh, Monuments, Sumatra Island, Tourism

Aircraft Seulawah known RI-1 and RI-2 were evidence of support provided Acehnese people in the way in maintaining the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Seulawah aircraft that became the forerunner airline Garuda Indonesia Airways donated through the collection of personal possessions and merchant communities of Aceh that President Soekarno cited “Aceh is the Capital Region for the Republic of Indonesia, and through the struggle of the entire Territory of the Republic of Indonesia, Aceh can be retaken.” Seulawah aircraft purchased for U.S. $ 120,000 at the exchange rate at that time or about 25 kg of gold and for the services of the people of Aceh are then created a replica of the plane that are Seulawah Blang Padang field Baiturrahman Banda Aceh district.

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