Kajang Tribe

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Location of Kajang tribe is in Bulukumba district, South Sulawesi. It is said that the tribe Kajang was a territory that is untouched by the culture from the outside. When Christians began to get into Toraja and embraced Islam as a great folk Kingdom of Gowa and Bone, Kajang tribe continue to believe in nature, and even continued to keep it until now. Tanatoa which they lived was believed to be the center of the earth. Picking the fruit was not arbitrary, also cutting down the trees.

In the context of nature conservation, the presence of Kajang tribe in South Sulawesi Bulukumba seems to be an oasis. Harmony of life and the lives of people with nature make it sustainable. With the belief that nature is the source of life, Kajang tribe has great respect for nature. They guard the protected forest of the past until now, although they must be anti-modernization. They feel comfortable and safe with houses and villages are not electrified. Rocky road, a house made ​​of wood, bamboo, and thatched roofs, and even around the village is by foot.

Location of Kajang Tribe

Location of Kajang Tribe

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