Tanjung Bira

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Tanjung Bira is located in the southernmost tip of South Sulawesi province, precisely in the District Bonto Bahari, Bulukumba, about 40 km from the town of Bulukumba, or 200 km from Makassar.

Tanjung Bira is famous with its white sand beaches which are beautiful and fun. The water is clear, very nice both for place to swim and sunbathe. Here we can enjoy the sunrise and sunset with a gleaming light on the white sand along tens of kilometers. Also we can enjoy the beauty of the two islands in front of this beach, the Liukang Island and Kambing Island. The beauty and comfortness of the beach is famous to foreign countries. Foreign tourists from many different countries visited this place for vacation.

Location of Tanjung Bira

Location of Tanjung Bira

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