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Candi  Klero (Tengaran)

Candi Klero (Tengaran)

Klero temple which is also known as Tengaran temple is located in Semarang, Central Java. The temple is based on Hinduism. The establishment time of the temple is not yet known for sure. However, based on the characteristics of the architecture of this temple, it is probably built around IX-X century. Source:

Star Observatory of Bosscha

Star Observatory of Bosscha

Built in the early 20th century on the initiative of the observer (Science scientists, Entrepreneurs, and the Government of Netherlands East Indies). Its principal funder is K.A.R. Bosscha, a tea plantation industrialist in Malabar. In 1923, it is officially managed by the Nederlandsch Indische Sterrenkundigo Vereeniging (NISV). In 1959, UNESCO and the government of Indonesia donated Schmidt re...